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This handmade custom guitar looks like it belongs on a heavy metal rig. A lightning bolt shape guitar in an ivory finish? It screams 1982! This beauty evokes images of Randy Rhoads on the back of a tour bus, blasting out licks from the built-in speaker of its custom-made hardcase with plush ochre interior.

*One-of-a-Kind* Flite Lightning Strike, Ivory

  • Some slight damage to the paint (see photos) but otherwise fantastic condition. Has obviously been very well looked after. Some scratches on the hardcase. Amp was serviced in 2021.

    Incredibly loud when volume knob is cranked up. The power and crunch of the amp will likely suprise you with its power. Turned down low, the rig is capable of very clean tones. EQ on the hardcase is very versatile. Battery life is good and charges quickly. We may have to ship the battery to you seperately depending on your location.

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