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*All Original* 1982 Fender Stratocaster JV ST57-115 (Highest Spec 1957 Reissue) Sunburst | w/ USA Fullerton Red Bobbin Pickups & Gig Bag | Very Rare & Sought After Japanese Vintage Series | MIJ ST57 115 Made in Japan ST57115


As prices for 50s and 60s Strats soar into the unattainable for most of us, it would appear that the smart money is investing in Japanese JV Series Strats manufactured between 1982-1986. It is agreed by most hardcore Fender enthusiasts that, of the these Strats, the sought-after highest tier spec ST57-115 model is as close to a pre-CBS Strat as one can get…

Riffers (UK) are proud to advertise for sale, a fine example of the exceedingly rare Japanese Vintage (JV) series Fender '57 Stratocaster. Extremely accurate to vintage spec and sold only within Japan, these models are renown for their very high quality craftsmanship using great wood, their epic tones, a slick feel and smooth playability.


Made in 1982, this is one of the earlier examples and remains totally original. The maple neck has a medium C shaped profile with rolled fretboard edges and moderate chunk, measuring .840 inch deep at the 1st fret and filling out to .920 inch at the 12th fret. The original frets are intact with their full factory height, showing very little wear and playing cleanly in every register. The guitar conforms to traditional Fender specs with a 7 1/4 inch fretboard radius, 25 1/2 inch scale, and a nut that measures just under 1 11/16 inch in width. On the correct '50s shape headstock, the original Kluson-style tuners show light patina and turn smoothly.


*All Original* 1982 Fender Stratocaster JV ST57-115 Japanese Vintage Series MIJ

  • This guitar is a very well-kept example. The nitro lacquer Sunburst finish is very clean bar a few dings to the body (photographed). There is gorgeous light patina to the bridge base, tuners, jack cup, and JV stamped neck plate. The maple fingerboard shows some light, sporadic wear, while the profile is very clean with a smooth ambered nitro gloss. The body has undergone a clean break but has been professionally repaired by a luthier and they have done a very smart job. The neck remained entirely intact. There is some very slight wear to the first six frets, nothing major. All of the electronics work as intended. The Fullerton Red Bobbin Pickups sound absolutely brilliant. No scratchy pots or input jack issues. Photos of pickups, routing, under the neck etc. are available upon request. We haven’t posted them because… well, how would you like it if we posted photos of your innards on the net?


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